Immersive virtual tours production process

We use specialist 3D camera technology, which includes infrared distance sensors and digital camera lenses, to capture a fully immersive 3D model of your space. The process and various timings are listed below: 

1. Contact us to discuss your scanning requirements, we will confirm the price on the call and if agreed we will then arrange a visit to your physical location as soon as convenient to undertake the scanning. 

2. Prepare your location. The location needs to be clean and tidy, as you would like it to appear in your model. All lights should be switched on to give good lighting for the camera to pickup. To prevent them sneaking into your finished 3D model tour, pets and children are best kept away whilst the scanning process is underway!

3. Our scanning expert will arrive at your location to take the scanning model. This involves moving our 3D imaging camera around the location until the whole property is mapped. We can only guarantee scanning the inside of properties with our stitched together/walkthrough model. Scanning outside spaces is more difficult due to the way the camera works with its infared technology. It is usually better to produce standalone 360 views of the outside of a property rather than link it to the main model, but if this is important we can discuss with you on our initial call. A residential home of 185 m2 would take about 1.5 to 2.5 hours to scan. This is a conservative estimate, as most places will take less time.

4. Within 24 hours we will send you a link to the virtual tour which you can straight away start to use on your website or by emailing the direct link to your contacts. You also have the opportunity at this stage to request any tags are added to the model showing more information about specific items or locations in the space, and you can order optional schematic floor plans and virtual reality options to be enabled for the model. We will walk you through the model and add any tags and other media you would like via a screenshare.

5. If you would like a schematic floor plan or OBJ file delivered then these can be sent through within 48 hours of the inital model approval.

6. After the initial 6 months, you will continue to have access to the virtual tour as long as you continue the space hosting. No minimum terms or commitments, the space can be deactivated as soon as you no longer need it. See our pricing page for more details.

7. Thats it! Wow your existing customers and win new business with your newly created 3D immersive virtual tour !

Dollhouse view