Immersive virtual tours production pricing

Standard Space size package

Standard Spaces are comprised of up to 100 scan positions. This should cover any space up to about 450 metres squared. This covers most residential properties and standard size commercial areas.

Included within the cost is:

  • Site visit for site prep assistance and for scan 
  • Fully immersive 3D scan production
  • Addition of info tags to the model - you can flag items that you want more information displayed within the model when the user clicks on it. Information can include text descriptions, pictures, videos, etc.
  • OBJ or point cloud file available on request (An OBJ file is an industry standard file format for storing data about 3D geometry. An OBJ file is not necessary for most people. If you're familiar with computer vision then it's available if you want to manipulate your Space even more.)
  • Hosting of the space for 6 months.

£299 + VAT


the following add-ons are available for each scan when completed, if requested:

  • Virtual Reality option enabled for the space. Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR compatible = +£30 + VAT
  • Guided walkthrough production: produce a guided tour, room by room of the space that you choose and set this to autoplay in your space = +£50 +VAT
  • Schematic Floor plan = + £30 + VAT
    • Each individual floor plan delivered in PNG format as a separate file. All floors together delivered in one PDF
    • Up to 900 square metres
    • Schematic Floor Plans are accurate to 1 to 2% of reality

Large space size package

Included in this cost is all of the above but for a larger space of 101-200 scan positions. This should cover up to about 900 metres squared. A large space size is only usually needed for commercial properties and architectural/building projects.

£399 + VAT


Larger spaces

Custom space size models larger than 200 scans can be uploaded, but this may require dividing the scan into regions and creating a separate model for each region. These models can then be linked together to create a seamless user journey. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so we can discuss options and pricing with you.

Volume discount

We offer a volume discount for clients, including for example:

  • Estate agents offering this as an add-on service to their clients.
  • Developers scanning multiple properties on a development
  • Building company scanning the same property multiple times, at different stages of the build
  • Holiday letttings company/hotel chain scanning muiltiple properties

Discount level depends on number of scans purchased as a package. Please contact us to discuss our volume discount agreement.

3D model space hosting extension 

£10 + VAT per month after the intial 6 months hosting included in the fixed cost above, or £100 + VAT per year if billed annually.


We are based in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK and so we cover scanning of spaces in Maidenhead + 25 miles radius and most of London with the above fixed costs. We can run projects UK and Europe wide but we would need to add reasonable travel expenses to the quote which would be agreed in advance. Please contact us to discuss scanning in your location.

Terms and conditions of business

Please read our terms and conditions of our 3D immersive scanning service.